Our home lake where we do most of our sailing is Clinton Lake which is located southwest of Lawrence, Kansas. We launch from the Bloomington side of the lake which is in the Federal Park. It is a little farther than the State Park side for most people, but the launch is friendlier to catamarans and not as crowded. Many Fleet members chose to store their boats "mast up" at the Kansas Sailing Association's fenced dry storage facility which is located just yards from where we launch. KSA dues apply for mast up storage.

To get to Clinton Lake, click on the Clinton lake thumbnail map below to download a PDF map.

We launch from the old marina site in Bloomington Park. The old marina's breakwater and lagoon provide a nice sheltered place to rig and launch. The parking lot where we rig is shown on the launch site map below. Click on the map thumbnail and download a PDF map that has more detail.



Map to Clinton Lake Launch Site




Map of Launch Site